We are Kofola

Kofola ČeskoSlovensko produces non-alcoholic drinks with care and love in seven production plants serving five markets across Central and Eastern Europe. 2,100 Kofola Guys are part of our family, who help us to improve the world, live healthy and constantly are seeking new horizons.

We are proud to produce Kofola, a traditional Czecho-Slovak drink based on an original recipe. Also the spring water Rajec, the syrups Jupí and children´s drink Jupík, the grape drink Vinea, the fresh fruit and vegetable juices UGO, the energetic drink Semtex and other traditional Czecho-Slovak brands, which you can find here, belong under the wings of Kofola. In Poland, our Hoop Cola is frisky or fruit syrups of the Paola group, but that is far from all. We supply the Adriatic region with the Radenska water. The latest addition to the Kofola family is the Croatian mineral water Studenac.

Under a licence we produce and distribute RC Cola and Orangina. We are happy to be the exclusive distributor of the brands Evian, Badoit and  Rauch in the Czech and Slovak Republics, and to be official distributor of the restorative drink Vincentka.