Because we love the place where we live, we care for our home. You can find the symbol of Green Point on our packages in the Czech and Slovak Republics. This means that we care about the environment and contribute to its protection, we teach people how to separate waste properly and we strive to find a new life for the used packaging through recycling.

Each year we help to collect and recycle 6,088 tons of waste. By that we reduce the amount of greenhouse gases by an equivalent of 19,441 tons of CO2 each year. This saves the amount of energy equivalent to lighting the streets of Prague for a total of 904 days.

Ekokom company oversees how companies contribute to the Green Point. It also helps with recycling of plastics, glass, cardboards and paper. And of course we separate waste also in our offices, without this it would not work.

We make wholesome and high-quality products without preservatives, using high-quality ingredients. We encourage children and youth to involve in sports and other leisure activities (especially in the surroundings of our production plants): we want to be a good neighbour. Since 2014, we have been a member of the Association of Social Responsibility, showing that responsibility towards our employees, customers, suppliers, the local community and the environment is in our DNA!